Calendar Art

This is my Calendar Art!                                                                                                                         My Bird  is a Kereru.

Peace Week 2017

I have been learning about Peace Week.
Peace Week is an annual tradition organised by The Peace Foundation every year. You can learn more about The Peace Foundation by following this LINK.

As a way to learn about Peace Week I did three different Peace Week activities.

With Miss Brennan we created a poster to help promote peace and Peace Week.
With Mrs Baker we made hand print doves and wrote messages of peace on them.
With Mr Horn we looked at the symbols of peace such as the dove and created origami doves.

Here is an example of one of my activities

Student Led Conference

My highlight at my student led conference  was showing my   monster  soup.
I  am   most proud of sharing my  reading  because I could  share  my  SMLs.
I think my parents enjoyed  the  maths  game  because  my  dad  played.
Next time I  would  like  to share  more in the time.


WALHT   we  are   learning  to  display our data on a pictograph
Something I  learned was to look at the key.
My   next  step  is  to   figure out the totals faster by using the pictures.
Here is  a  photo of my  learning:

Procedural Writing

WALHT write a procedure

Something I learned about writing instructions is you have to put them in the right order.

Something I  would  like to  do better  is add  more verbs.

Here  is  my  learning


At dance we are learning hip hop and  salsa. 
I enjoy dance because I like dancing.
I learned at you need to put your leg back and forward for the basic step. 


WALHT:   Add   a   twist    to    our   writing

Here  is    my   poem

I  didn't  drink   beer
I   didn't  play   with   lego
I  didn't   drink  wine
But   I   did   go  to   my   nana's  home

I  didn't   eat   100   American   hot  dogs
i didn't   eat   a   bus
I   didn't   eat   a   house
but  I did  eat  an   ice  cream

I  didn't   see  a  flying   car
I    didn't  see  my dog flying
I   didn't   see    the  UK
But   I    did    see     my     cat

Term 4 Numeracy

I am learning how to:

  • add to 100 by counting on in tens and ones
I know I am successful when I can:
  • skip count in tens from any number up to 100

Peace Week

If I was an Olympic Athlete.........

I am learning how to
·      use Current Events to help me write something imaginative
I will know that I have been successful when
·      I have thought carefully about the sport I chose

·      I have included a variety of ideas in my writing