WALHT   we  are   learning  to  display our data on a pictograph
Something I  learned was to look at the key.
My   next  step  is  to   figure out the totals faster by using the pictures.
Here is  a  photo of my  learning:

Procedural Writing

WALHT write a procedure

Something I learned about writing instructions is you have to put them in the right order.

Something I  would  like to  do better  is add  more verbs.

Here  is  my  learning


At dance we are learning hip hop and  salsa. 
I enjoy dance because I like dancing.
I learned at you need to put your leg back and forward for the basic step. 


WALHT:   Add   a   twist    to    our   writing

Here  is    my   poem

I  didn't  drink   beer
I   didn't  play   with   lego
I  didn't   drink  wine
But   I   did   go  to   my   nana's  home

I  didn't   eat   100   American   hot  dogs
i didn't   eat   a   bus
I   didn't   eat   a   house
but  I did  eat  an   ice  cream

I  didn't   see  a  flying   car
I    didn't  see  my dog flying
I   didn't   see    the  UK
But   I    did    see     my     cat