PE _ Run, Jump, Throw

Learning Intention: I am learning to jump and land using my arms and legs go higher and further.

Success Criteria: I can jump from one space to another, taking off on either one or both feet and landing on both feet. I can use my arms and bend my knees to help me spring forward.

Well done, Abigail. You are able to use your arms and bent knees to make you jump further.


Learning Intention: I am learning to show excellence.

Success Criteria: I will show excellence through doing my best.

Well done, Abigail. You showed excellence by achieving your Bronze CARE award.


Learning Intention: We are learning to use active thinking.

Success Criteria: My buddy and I will dig a tunnel for cars in the sand, leaving a bridge over the top for the trucks.

Term 4 Writing Sample - Fun with my Family

Learning Intention: I am learning to write about a topic.

Success Criteria: I am able to write about a time when I did something fun with my family.
Abigail, you really love spending time with your Dad. Thank you for sharing your story.

Term 4 Numeracy

Learning Intention: I am learning to order numbers to 20.

Success Criteria: I will know the numbers before and after up to 20.

Abigail, you have 

Term 4 Reading

Learning Intention: I am learning to use expression when I read.

Success Criteria: I will read like I am speaking.

Well done, Abigail. You reading is sounding very clear and interesting to listen to.


June 2014
Every Friday we have a discovery time in the morning. We go to the hall just after 9 o'clock and the teachers introduce what activity they will be doing in their classroom for the morning. The children then choose where they would like to go first. During discovery we focus on the key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum Framework. Today's activities all relate to children managing themselves.


We are learning to: read our fast words
Success criteria: I can point to words I know


We are learning to: make a controlled throw.

Success criteria: I can throw a bean bag to hit a target. 

This has been a fun unit and enjoyed by all

We often warm up with a game of Tricky tag.

Practicing our throwing skills with a partner.

Ten pin bowling

Target practice 


June 2014 

I am learning to draw a picture plan and sound out the first letter sounds of words

Success criteria: I can draw a picture and write a story about our trip into the CBD. 

Comment: Today we wrote about the fun time we had with friends on our trip into the city


June 2014

We are learning about position and orientation in maths at the moment

We are learning to: describe the position of an object
Success criteria: I can direct someone through a maze using instructions related to movement and position

Comment: today we made mazes and moved a Lego person through the maze using directional instructions.

Integrated topic T2

In our integrated topic this term We have been learning about our identity.

Success criteria: I can use a timeline to talk about my life.

We have all really enjoyed this unit and it has been great sharing interesting stories about our past. We brought our preschool/kindy books to school and shared them with each other (this was highlight of the unit). We talked about wear we live and how our city also informs our identity. To help us understand this more we went on a class trip into Christchurch's CBD.

Reading Lions group 9.6.14

We are learning to: recognise our red and blue fast words
Sucess criteria: I can read: at, the, here

Show and tell

Every week we have show and tell on a Wednesday morning. All the children have an opportunity to share and talk about the thing they have brought in for us to see. This is a great tool for developing the children's oral language.


We are learning to: start reading in the right place
Sucess criteria: I can point to the first word in a sentence.


We are learning to: Match 1:1
Success criteria: I can point to each word as I read it.