Hui - Identifying Kai

Learning Intention:
I am learning to understand and use some familiar food vocabulary

Success Criteria:

I will be successful when I can identify kai pictures and say the words correctly.

Oral Language and Writing

The Learning Process
  • First, the children listened to the teacher describe a creature and they drew what they heard.
  • Then they wrote about their creature, using descriptive words.
  • Next, they shared their writing with a talking partner to "Give one -Take one"  - share words that they could add to their own descriptions.
  • Finally, they worked on their writing again to make it better.
Learning Intention

I am learning to:
  • Use words to build a picture in my own mind
  • Use descriptive words in my writing
  • Use talking and sharing my ideas as a way to make my own writing better.
Success Criteria
  • The words I use will put a detailed picture into the mind of the person reading my writing - my audience.

Music with Mr McCallum

We are learning about Pitch
  • High and low sounds
  • Creating a pitch map
  • Making ascending and descending melodic patterns

We are learning about beat and rhythmic patterns.

Abigail wrote
At Music with Mr McCallum we go into the Music Room and I sit on the mat and I listen to Mr McCallum. I like music and we do songs.

Geometry - 2D Shapes

Learning Intention
We are learning to sort shapes by their characteristics

Success Criteria
We will know we are successful when we:

  • use  words like - shape, line, straight, curved, corners, edges, sides
  • think about different ways to sort the shapes
  • talk about how and why we sorted the shapes

Te Reo with Matua Rihare

We are learning to:
  • sing waiata
We will be successful when we

  • participate with respect and enthusiasm
  • use correct pronunciation